Acquisition and Disposition

Representing partnerships, land owners, developers and institutions, Method K Partner’s involvement in investment real estate has covered the real estate product spectrum from raw land to investment grade commercial buildings. The company also offers the corporate community special expertise in sale-leaseback arrangements and property exchanges Method K’s range of activity in the sale and acquisition of real estate is geographically broad and its services diverse in nature. The firm’s services include acting as agent, providing due diligence services, negotiating purchase terms, performing site searches, serving as interim property manager, securing municipal approvals and a variety of related financial and brokerage work. Trust services for operating or disposing of property are also available.

Method K Partners has staff expertise or will arrange for specialists to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Property Needs Analysis
  • Market Studies
  • Site Searches
  • Venture Funding
  • Negotiating Terms
  • Due Diligence
  • Municipal Approvals/Entitlements
  • Interim/Long-term
  • Brokerage Agent
  • Subleasing Excess Space
  • Property Management
  • Land Planning Property Zoning
  • Sale/Leasebacks
  • Highest/Best Use Studies
  • Development Coordination
  • Property Exchanges
  • Trust Services