Land Development Consulting

Method K Partners has served as a consultant in numerous assignments related to land development and subdivision. Success in this area of real estate requires expertise in multiple disciplines: vacant land acquisition, securing entitlements, financing, implementation and supervision of marketing programs, and trouble-shooting the many challenges specific to land development.

In today’s business climate, problems are becoming more difficult to resolve; therefore, the services of a seasoned professional become more essential. The principals of Method K Partners have a wealth of experience in this type of work.

Method K Partners has staff expertise or will arrange for specialists to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Land Search
  • Property Zoning
  • Engineering Studies
  • Acquisition Negotiations
  • Mortgage Financing
  • Project Design
  • Market Studies
  • Municipality Negotiations
  • Construction Management
  • Demographic Surveys
  • Land Planning
  • Highest/Best Use Study
  • Environmental Impact Report
  • Financial Analysis
  • Joint Venture Financing
  • Boundary Survey
  • Wetlands Study
  • Build-to-Suit Contracting
  • Building Retrofitting