Leasing Specialists

Method K Partners offers a tenant representation service geared toward small and medium-sized companies that need assistance in finding facilities for lease. This service specializes in obtaining the most economical lease package in the marketplace on behalf of the client. There are many facets to such a service, including:

  • Study of existing space and confirmation of future needs.
  • Market Study in the area of relocation to determine availability, economic conditions, and area amenities.
  • Preparation of demographic data (especially critical for retail tenants).
  • Negotiation with building owner or manager on all provisions of lease documents as well as other provisions added to the lease.
  • Project management on preparation of leased facilities before occupancy.
  • Determination of any unusual requirements of municipality or other government units in which the business venture is to be located.

Leasing Specialists – Tenant Representation

As Leasing Specialists, Method K Partners are experts due to our daily contact with the leasing market throughout the region. We maintain information about the current market conditions as well as the type of spaces available and general trends in the market. This kind of information is especially useful to firms that are unfamiliar with the area or do not often lease space.

Leasing Specialists – The Lease Assignment

There are several important parts to a tenant representation leasing assignment. Negotiations with building owners or managers on the major business issues are certainly important, however, we feel the type of lease, general provisions and the drafting of the agreement are equally critical. Method K Partners is familiar with all types of leases and is prepared to negotiate the most advantageous lease format for your firm

Another area of concern to many tenants is preparation of the leased space for occupancy. Since many companies have little or no construction or architectural expertise, Method K is prepared to assist its clients with the dual priorities of space layout and construction. The proper use of space directly impacts the productivity and bottom line of the company. Plus, the thorough knowledge of construction costs and techniques that Method K provides is also invaluable when negotiating with the landlords, to achieve a full value of the clients lease concessions.