Pre-Sale Consulting

Method K Partners is particularly experienced in providing real estate expertise to individuals, corporations and organizations whose primary business is not real estate. An owner seeking to sell a property is provided with a program of value-added services to strategically prepare a property to sell at its maximum market value. Through a thorough property survey, opportunities and, treatment equally important, difficulties in marketability are identified.

After determining the property’s highest and best use and establishing price parameters, Method K secures municipal entitlements and zoning. Clearing any encumbrances or physical impediments, such as building code violations, wetland issues and problems with basic infrastructure enhances the property’s tangible value. Brokers are often interviewed and an exclusive listing agreement favorable to the owner is negotiated. Supervising a targeted brokerage program and negotiating on the owners behalf complete Method K’s value-added service package.

Method K’s transactional advisory services are also available to those wishing to acquire property. Most often the company becomes involved prior to contact with the brokerage community. After strategic planning, demographic surveys and pre-acquisition analysis, Method K interfaces with brokers and helps select the most suitable property for the client.

Once a property is selected, it is evaluated as a potential future asset by detailed examination of both its physical and financial characteristics. After counseling the buyer on price, Method K will additionally negotiate on the buyer’s behalf.

Method K Partners has staff expertise or will arrange for specialists to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Demographic Surveys
  • Market Studies
  • Property Survey
  • Land Planning
  • Clear Impediments/Improve Marketability
  • Municipal Improvements/Entitlements
  • Engineering Studies
  • Highest/Best Use Study
  • Environmental Impact Report
  • Asset Valuation
  • Brokerage Selection
  • Listing Agreement Administration
  • Marketing Supervision
  • Interim/Long Term Property Management
  • Sale Negotiations
  • Financial Analysis/Abstracting
  • Disposition Evaluation
  • Price Parameter Consulting
  • Acquisition Negotiations